Japanese Gardens Tampa

Japanese gardens have evolved from its origins in the East to cover the globe in its spirit, diversity, and yet, its unity of nature. Toms Ponds exemplifies the rules of Japanese gardens here in the greater Tampa Bay area; be it along the Hillsborough River, or skirting the beautiful beaches of Pinellas County, or in the foothills of nostalgic Dade City. Toms Ponds brings out the best in its environment using asymmetrical balance of the landscape and aquascape to mimic the free-flowing grace of nature.

Toms Ponds brings this feeling to life by incorporating odd numbers in the creation of features. That philosophy in itself disallows the coldness, the rigid structure of man-made symmetry…that what is typically recognized in the West.

Japanese gardens are meditative in nature. They allure the person to rest and relax from the daily stress of life today. Toms Ponds strives to bring beauty and happiness to the hectic lives of today. Toms Ponds Unique Artistic Creations are the embodiment of the rules, the format, and yet the passivity of Japanese Gardens!