About Us

Toms Ponds has been creating Japanese gardens in the Greater Tampa Bay area since 1995. Though each and every project is a unique artistic creation, all of them follow the natural, asymmetrical theme of Japanese gardens. Within this context, Toms Ponds has created an array of diverse landscapes including: a xeroscape fusion of the sandy beaches of Tampa Bay and the arid deserts of the southwestern United States; transforming a ravine along the Hillsborough River into a gorge ala those found in the Appalachians, with indigenous boulder formations on one side with a lush forest of native flora on the other side; dry river beds that capture the deluges of rain typical in the region, minimizing erosion and gradually dispersing the water back to the earth; recirculating pond and stream systems with multiple harmonious waterfalls; and many other stress-relieving landscapes that can be enjoyed daily at home or at the office.

Over the years the unique artistic creations of Toms Ponds have been recognized as award-winning, including: the Best of Jacksonville two years in a row; a Florida-Friendly landscape finalist at a condominium in downtown St Petersburg; a model Japanese garden in Pablo Bay new home collection; and a football field size therapeutic Japanese garden at a specialty regional hospital, to point out a few examples of the many diverse Japanese gardens that reflect the beauty of nature!

Toms Ponds is dedicated to quality workmanship!

Toms Ponds is true and faithful to natural landscapes!

Toms Ponds looks forward to making your dreams a reality!

Toms Ponds will create for you a beautiful Japanese garden!